April 25th, 2001


---startling news---

I really never thought I'd be asked to be someone's best man or one of their best men in a wedding...I always have gotten the idea that I'm not close enough to a lot of my friends (although I try to be, or would like to think I am) for them to ask me before some other people. I guess that's part of my somewhat pessimistic side.
my friend Brian just asked me to be his witness, in a service which will only include his wife-to-be, himself, the minister and the two witnesses. I am so honored, I'm not even sure how I should feel. Excited and glorious I think. : )
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I am very done now...well, for a while at least : )
Greek final- check.
Left to go:
Art History take home final--4 page essay-due May 10th
Hum oral final--30 minutes discusion based on last hum paper.-May 7th
Greek paper--8-10 pages due May 6th
Intermediate painting final group critique--May 8th : 6:00
Intermediate painting individual critique-? need to sign up for a time.

[This was written around 4, should have been posted then as well]