March 27th, 2001



AOL frickin sucks...they don't have an Instant Messenger prepared for OS X, yet the messenger software that exists they have made unable to be used with AIM. I suppose this would make sense if there were a version of AIM ready for OS X, but there isn't. I think I'm going to email them and see if there's any way they might come around to reason.
grandma ryan

just a few things

1. The hole in my mouth has begun to hurt actually now, as opposed to 'not really' as it was before.

2. a) OS X is neet(and oh so fast), but I find I have no programs, and also that quite a few of the ones I do have don't run effectively. b) There are quite a few things which have been removed as far as customizability. I assume as they now have the OS stable at least, more customizable features will begin to appear with updates, and also that if I learn to manipulate the Unix base to OS X, I will be able to play with the system design a bit more. File sharing is much less intuitive, and less user controlable, although at least aliasing works now.
c) The conclusion I think was made that this OS would be much easier to work into if I hadn't come from a previously organized file structure, now trying to have to reorganize my thought processes and working habits.
d) One thing that is good: I have virtually no games, unless I launch the slow OS 9 emulator. This is good, plus I can always load OS 9 as the system and run it effectively, as I will have to write papers at some point, and Office won't be out until the fall. Yikes.
e) Overall it is good, and I'm willing to work with it...any suggestions as to good books I can learn BSD from?

3. I started this hours ago. Damn. Must post now.