March 23rd, 2001

grandma ryan

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well, tonight was hectic, but i do not envy pat, my night wasn't as bad as his : ( ...

I got out of my house around 4:30-5 and went to 520, my first mistake. then i forgot i had to get gas, so i got off at the last eastside exit and coasted around to get gas, and then waited for another 30 minutes to get back on 520, which by that time had actually sped up...very nice. got to abel's around 5:45-6, junked the park idea since tasha had disappeared,[apparently to get stuck in traffic as well], and we walked to the ave to get cash, and then to jack in the crack where, since i forgot to get cash in my amazement at having no money, I was treated by abel. thanks! :D then we drove all over and had to get back over the freeway when i decided to be dumb and not remember how far up 15th was, so we finally got to canterbury and only adam and two other people were there, and one board was there...heh, so we sat around watching for a bit, then abel and i went and played a game of pool. came back and adam was playing this one guy and we watched a bit more and pat calls, having gotten in an accident. d'oh! so i talk to him for a bit, and let him know i'lll do whatever if he needs help. he calls back later and i go pick him up since his car is being towed because he was being cautious. i won a game of pool against this guy who was all cocky so i could play pat, since it was winner plays next. i almost didn't win, but i pulled it together so i could play pat...then he almost beat me...i think i relaxed after i beat that guy...he was cool though, just intense...heheh. finally finished, played another game of pinball, and then took adam and abel home, and drove pat back to his house.

i came home and tried to tell my dada about my offer to give pat a ride to his work tomorrow and he talked to me in his sleep about "JJ" and how he was out playing golf...he called me JJ, it was amusing. : ) People talking in their dreams is always quite amusing. Liz and I always make fun of each other for it, since it's so much in good spirits ; ) doot doo doo dooot doot dooot doot doo... : D loking forward to dinner and a movie tomorrow night [tonight, friday]...if you're coming let me know what you might bring to eat, and we can coordinate food. i will cook something without meat in it, for us vegetarians and us mad-cow disease fearing folk. i'm thinking lasagna...MMM...i'l make a bunch. and i'll finagle my mom into helping me...

i'm thinking dinner at 7? movie at 8-8:30 or so depending on how all goes?

there are lots of ride requests post will be all about posting board for ride request and offer.
grandma ryan


well, getting ready for my appt.

i need to know who is coming tonight so i can get enough ingredients to make lasagna, and enough other stuff to eat as well. i can probably figure out rides if that's the problem, i might be able to pick people up, depending on how i feel, but there ARE people with cars coming, so ask carley or chris for rides, or if pat can use his parents' car maybe him if he's willing to drive. (maybe abel or kim? are you guys going to sugar hill gang?)time my friends, is almost coming to a head.
grandma ryan

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all is well. fine and dandy, i even got made fun of by the dentist...he made fun of reed when he was giving me the nitrous, guess why. heh.
grandma ryan

directions and times.

As things look, dinner will start around 8:30. All seems to be liquid. I need to know exactly who's coming though... : / So I can make enough food. I've planned for lasagna, salad, chips/salsa and pop. Plus, if you can, potlucking a small thing to share would be cool. Call or post here.

go east on I-90
take exit 17, turn right off the exit.
go through 5 lights. it's about 3-3.5 miles from the first light to my driveway.
take a right at 113th Ave SE, the last green sign on the right right before a long stretch with a turn to the right at the end, i can put a balloon on the sign.
take a right onto the gravel road when you come to it.
go straight[down a small hill and up a small hill] and go along the fences and down the driveway you come to. there is my house.

call if you get lost.