March 22nd, 2001

grandma ryan

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OK, so get this...

do any of you remember how this winter break I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth out? Probably not, since I had had the appointment for 3 months or so and then the surgeon decided to go on vacation. And, guess what? He "gets sick", just this morning, and cancels my appointment to have my wisdom teeth out. So, my dad wakes me up this morning because Liz calls, and first tells me about the cancellation. Much cursing and frustration later I talk to Liz. After I talk to Liz, and she tells me her plans for going to Port Townsend for the night to stay at some writer's retreat, and return the next day, I went to my dad, and knowing how I'm not good at keeping my frustration at a low in order to make things work how I'd like over the phone, I have him calll my dentist to ask for another recommendation and tell them what happened with the first guy. They said they're taking him off their list. Heheh. [smirk] But they give us another recommendation and they have an opening tomorrow at 11. Hopefully I'll be well enough by sinday morning to drive. They seem to think I will be. So, finally the effect this has is that I'll be in even greater straits on friday, but I still plan on my party...I still need to know who's interested though... : ) Should be fun. I'll look at Pat's DVD list later, but I'm still open to any other suggestions.

grandma ryan

FRIDAY---Dinner and a movie?

Chris seemed to have missed my party notice, it was buried at the end of a longer post afterall, so I thought maybe others might have as well.

Tomorrow night I'm trying to get people together to maybe make dinner and eat and watch a movie or whatnot while I'm infirmed. I asked for movie suggestions as well as food suggestions and people could either bring food or we could congregate here and make it. I also asked for movie suggestions, and said that rides or directions could be organized.

Let me know if you're interested.