March 12th, 2001

grandma ryan

Girl Scout Cookies...mmmmmmmmm

adam brought this up, so i figured i'd post it here as well...

i have bought 4 boxes so far...2 a week or two ago, two more yesterday.
1 Thin Mint
3 Samoas

Liz insists that the peanut butter chocolate ones are the best, but i'm not sure if i've had them much less ever seen them...but the girl scouts i bought my last batch from assured me they exist, they had just sold out of them two hours previously...i will persist, i bet i'll find some and try them eventually. for now, samoas rock ; )

I'm sure these number will increase, I'm just hoping[here is is, the inevitable] the number of pages on this damn paper i've been trying to write for more than a week now will increase. bah. : /