February 20th, 2001

grandma ryan

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so many things i should mention...yikes.
1) sunday- 3 months...hooray!
2) saturday- my radio show was ROCK!, and liz found that our radio station owns a plethora of daniel johnston which i will be burning to cd asap. : D
3) monday/tuesday morning- i think i did ROCK on my greek exam too, which i took from 5:25-6:45 this morning. : )
4) friday- i sent in my visual arts application to bumbershoot. hooray! wish me luck, i'll post here when i hear about it no doubt.
5) i've gotten a lot of work already this pay period...like 12 hrs maybe[fri-sun]. hooray! and i made 300 for last month. nice for doing 10 minute jobs every hour or so and getting paid for the whole hour. ; D

maybe more later if i think of other things i missed posting.
i'll try to catch up on my friends page, but we'll see. heh.