January 23rd, 2001

grandma ryan


i played go tonight, and will probably finish the game later. it has been a very interesting game since we are both quite unskilled...

jeremy is a really cool guy though...i met him early in the year this year[he's a transfer sophmore], but we hadn't gotten around to hanging out...playing go will be fun. i hope we play on a somewhat regular basis. :)
grandma ryan

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ok, very strange...

i entered, "livejournal reed" in google to see if i could find livejournals with reed in them and go throuhg them...mostly to find lou reed listening and quoting, a few various posts of mine or liz's and some people named reed mentioned or whatnot, but the 22nd result was my dossier on my webpage...uhm...strange. who's linking to that enough that it would be the 22nd result...i say odd, maybe i'm being stalked. since my roadtrip journal shows up relatively early too...hrm.