January 15th, 2001

grandma ryan

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hrm...i haven't updated this in quite a while...
hung out in seattle for a few days after liz got there, hung out a bit, friday, saturday...watched alien, and the decalogue. got stuck at atOm's house after everyone left from the decalogue hanging out on saturday night becaues my key wouldn't turn in my ignition. stuck. walked and got wd-40, sprayed, waited a while, after 3 hrs finally got it unstuck and left at 7 or so in the morning on sunday. got to school, tried to find the pilot for TP, was informed that it wasn't good, but you know, i remember it being more interewsting when i had the background, whether the final decision was different or not...i think it was easier to analyze what was happening in the3 series...i'm considering showing the pilot, and i just found it today at movie madness. sooo...i will get the pilot and the people watching said they might be interested in watching it even though we have already finished the first season. we'll see. we might end up watching more over a course of time so that people can see all of it.