January 8th, 2001

grandma ryan

(no subject)

why the hell do i keep waking up in the middle of the night after only 4 or 5 hours of sleep : (

especially when i wake and can't return to sleep...i've been awake for somewhere around an hour now. [sigh]

am i really becoming this restless???
grandma ryan

(no subject)

been working on uploading the files for my desktop picture image gallery...stupid 28.8 connection[never has been able to connect at 56k]...

need to start cleaning up my room and getting my stuff together so i don't have to do it while liz is here.
other things to do:
¥finish my glass paintings i have been working on, and figure out how to transport glass to school easily.
¥relayout my book and print up a working copy so i can edit without being at my computer.
¥finish designing my cafepress shirts, and set up a link on my webpage.
¥burn a cd.
¥forgot to do any greek...damnit. work on it some if time permits.
¥wash clothes that are dirty again.
grandma ryan

Cabinet Members from Hell

If we wish to maintain the United States movement at least toward a fairer and more unbiased concern for all its citizens, you must read these and send the prepared emails to your congressmembers. These are both links to information regarding Bush's nominations to cabinet positions, and they could help bills like Oregon's recent Initiative 9 to pass which would have enacted anti-homosexual education legislation. Please take the few minutes it takes to do this and help stop special interests from running our country while Bush is President.

Please read this and send it to your congressmen and women.

This is also important, please read it and act upon it.