January 3rd, 2001

grandma ryan

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well, i haven't really posted since the lj party, given my thoughts or anything...
I thought the party went well, everyone seemed to have a good time for the most part, I found Rammstein most amusing and entertaining at once. Flips were hazardous to my neck, but oh well, it was fun. : )

Helped evan move back to his dorm and then went to Adam's to watch the Decalogue, we watched the first two episodes. I retrieved my excellent hat from Brad and Erik's[thanks erik! :) ] and then took Betsy home, who came to watch the decalogue with us, i hadn't seen that girl in a while, betsy is cool : ) then i took evan back, got gas and dick's burgers. went home thinkig i would find liz hd gone to bed, but to my surprise she hadn't! we ended up talking for an excellent 11 hours. I talked to her mom quite a bity today as well...hehe...a character. Ali was supposed to call me back, but she never did, and I think she probably couldn't find my number, heh. Although I got to talk to her on the phone for a bit, unusually since she's been in Europe for forever, and I told her awesome things about Liz. : ) Then, since she never called, I was waiting around and fell asleep. Luckily I woke again like 4 hrs later, but Liz had been around since like 10 minutes after I fell asleep : / then we talked for a while on the phone, but then her phone died again : / I think they need to invest in a new battery for their phone. Anyway, we came back on AIM to say goodnight, and I sent her off to get some sleep finally after like 37 hrs being awake. Silly silly girl. : )