October 24th, 2000

grandma ryan

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I wonder about the nature of my self-contemplation sometimes, and its effect on the reality which I perceive. Having written down the strings which tie me and I follow, I feel in control this week, despite my lapse in work, and the immense amount of it which I still need to do tonight alone. I should read like hundreds of pages most likely, write a paper and translate a page of Greek or so. All of which amounts to about 10 hours of work seeing as how slow I am at all of those things. I wonder if it happened that there were some way I could focus on these things more that I could get them done in like 2 hrs instead, but I realize that my reading speed is just fucked up, I can't get myself to write papers in one sitting, more like 15 or so 10 minute jaunts spread out over like 4-5 hours, and in order to translate Greek faster I'd have to have a quicker way of looking up vocabulary than flipping through that huge dictionary. Maybe I could memorize the thing. : P