October 16th, 2000

grandma ryan

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well, it seems that today will be a boring day in my friend's class [should i really be surprised?]

thus i will not be going to UW today, but instead tomorrow. tonight i plan on going to a movie[Ladies Man] with lisa, since we are both back on break, and then seeing what laura is up to tomorrow. wednesday is lunch with pat and carley, then my mom wanted to have a birthday celebration for me wed night...so there's that. i think i'm going to leave on thur. i dont think staying longer would be a good idea, since i have to write a paper and i want to see brian before i start school again.
still need to make plans to see other people before thursday...

argh, damn this limit on time.
well, anyone for lunch or other activity today?I have evening plans but i'd like to fill my time productively and see people if i can.

need to go see danny and leah's new place
want to see evan before i go
kim! ; P
want to get ahold of my friend kevin and see him since i didn't over b-shoot weekend.

when am i supposed to do all this!?


argh. the finite nature of time is annoying...i do tend to avoid ever letting myself realize that quality of this dimension don't i? and it sure messes me up when i am forced to contend with it.
grandma ryan

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hangin out at evan's now with him and brad. was in the middle of posting that lunch tomorrow with the aventail et al crew is planned...lunch with "all the dawgggggs" to quote mr emocorner
gonna call lisa soon to find out when she wants to go see ladies man...i'm excited for tim meadows... : D
grandma ryan

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well...i drove home from evan's after hanging a while. mark arrived there and i saw him for a bit and we looked at this music site allmusic.com or something which had info on artists and their work[or attempted to]. quite a good idea for a resource.
anyways, i drove home-fast. took a shower, got in my car and drove to factoria-fast. lisa was a bit late too so there was no big deal, and we went into the movie. it was alright...not terribly great, but it was amusing and worth the night. talked to lisa for a while outside afterwards...trying to catch up etc, since it become somewhat dull and trying to talk over AIM about everything. plus there is work to be done. ; D
anyhow...so now i'm home and my asthma is really acting up, or at least it was downstairs...it's a bit better now that i'm up here in the computer room, where animals rarely tread.