October 15th, 2000

grandma ryan

shpadoinkle night!

atom and i went to a partE last night really late. we brought this guy from irc, brian/skiplogic, it was interesting. except for the fact that there were blacklights and stuff, it was amusing to see how similar the party was to just the typical activity of a bunch of people around a campfire at night talkin and havin fun. people sleepin in a big tent...it was almost...NORMAL. [gasp] hehe...silly ravars...

all in all it was quite shpadoinkle.
i even canibalized atom at one point. oh right, i was trying to figure out why...because it was so cold out out there... hehe. came home and slept for quite a while...caught up on sleep.
grandma ryan

(no subject)

hehe...i'm going to be at UW tomorrow for a class. funfun. [smirk] 11:30-12:20...maybe i should brush up on my spanish in case i get called on or someone tries to nail me with atennis ball...probably will try to go to lunch afterward...if my friend is too busy for such nonsense with undergraduate students i'll just have to go to kim's and see if she's actually gotten up for class or whatnot. hehe...i think i'll take "my" cell phone and see what people are up to also since i'll be in the middle of hubub central. : ) whee UW people.