October 10th, 2000

grandma ryan

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just watched the man who fell to earth and realized that alas, even though I thought that I wouldn't have to shave my eyebrows for this costume, it appears I would. I'm not sure if I should go through with it now or not. Not only would I have to do that to be accurate, but I would have to build this outrageous body suit of 1. a metal water tank, 2. a water tube system to "keep my body moist" and 3. a chestplate type thing which would stand out from my chest and be fronted by clear plastic, tubing and some sort of framework. i think this costume is a bit overload. i'm rethinking and i think i will call and cancel my eye appointment. plus then i can save the money it would cost me to get the contacts. [shrug] ah well...i'll have to come up with something else.
grandma ryan

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i slept through two classes today...damnit i suck. i woke up around 8:45, my alarm having been going off for about 25 minutes, went back to sleep and woke again a couple times...then i woke about 50 minutes into my Hum class, and decided against going so late...then wrote an intro paragraph for my poetry paper to hand in as a stand in for the complete paper and fell asleep again, waking after my greek class had started because my alarm didn't go off at 1 like i set it for....grr...but i made it to my poetry class...thank god. plus i like that class most of the time so i wouldnt like to miss it, plus then i'd be screwed if i didn't turn in a paper sub at least. ah well...think im gonna get food soon
grandma ryan

Fun with Brains

holyloki (4:39 PM): hehe
holyloki (4:39 PM): ack
postmortal2 (4:39 PM): snicker
holyloki (4:39 PM): stupid italics
postmortal2 (4:39 PM): ack
postmortal2 (4:39 PM): puke
postmortal2 (4:39 PM): blah
postmortal2 (4:39 PM): eep
postmortal2 (4:39 PM): eep
holyloki (4:39 PM): eep!
postmortal2 (4:39 PM): eep
holyloki (4:39 PM): [smirk]
postmortal2 (4:40 PM): [smirk] [smirk] [smirk]
holyloki (4:40 PM): eep eep
postmortal2 (4:40 PM): [smurf] [smurf]
postmortal2 (4:40 PM): heh
grandma ryan


This is where
electricity opens itself
to the air. Mouth

words drew constant
struggle to decipher
where truth became fiction,
when teeth said hard things come to those
who wait, tongues massaged
what the wind of fluidity birthed, and
how swallowing became too much for sound.

Passive requests
"my god, i can't believe
what she just said..."
drew blanks in geiger
counter intuitive
such intrigue left the gall where
they had to recover from when
guts grew like men who
now can't find what
thought knew how
to enunciate.

Mouth used to scoop
reflection from the moon,
secondary choices became decisive
enough to fool the press
ing concerns of mothers
and fathers and brothers and sisters
only saw the clothes
we wore.
Reaching inside the brain she scooped out
everything of interest,
put it on racks
said "headlines"
and only secret meetings dispoiled
the papers people
wore like the fashion models
wore their skin.
Every day it was a new phrase in
their mouths.
Every mouth was a new
in their mouths.

The times were like




"Go away." came out of its mouth(and I recorded it).
"You're staring at me."