September 15th, 2000

grandma ryan

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2:38 AM: > Your Existing SituationÒ:38 AM: > Impulsive and irritable. His desires, and the actions involved, are paramount, with insufficient consideration being given to their consequences. This leads to,Ò:38 AM: > or arises from, stress and conflict.Ò:38 AM: > Your Stress SourcesÒ:38 AM: > Has an unsatisfied need to ally himself with others whose standards are as high as his own, and to stand out from the herd. This desire for preeminenceÒ:38 AM: > isolates him and inhibits his readiness to give himself freely. While he wants to surrender and let himself go, he regards this as a weakness which must beÒ:39 AM: > resisted. This self-restraint, he feels, will lift him above the rank and file and ensure recognition as a unique and distinctive personality.Ò:39 AM: > Your Restrained CharacteristicsÒ:39 AM: > Circumstances are forcing him to compromise, to restrain his demands and hopes, and to forgo for the time being some of the things he wants.Ò:39 AM: > Egocentric and therefore quick to take offense. Sensitive and sentimental, but conceals this from all except those very close to him.Ò:40 AM: > Your Desired ObjectiveÒ:40 AM: > Hopes that ties of affection and good-fellowship will bring release and contentment. His own need for approval makes him ready to be of help to others and inÒ:40 AM: > exchange he wants warmth and understanding. Open to new ideas and possibilities which he hopes will prove fruitful and interesting.Ò:41 AM: lzrd: so what do you think?Ò:41 AM: > Your Actual ProblemÒ:41 AM: > Feels insufficiently valued in his existing situation, and is seeking different conditions in which he will have greater opportunity of demonstrating his worth.Ò:41 AM: > interestingÒ:41 AM: > i think the time i took it there were hard feelings against itÒ:41 AM: lzrd: heh.Ò:41 AM: lzrd: it basically called me an egocentric witch.Ò:41 AM: > because the green and magenta looked like jessica's mom's favorite colors *g*Ò:41 AM: lzrd: prolly just because i like dark colors.Ò:41 AM: lzrd: whatEVER.Ò:41 AM: > hahÒ:41 AM: lzrd: heh.Ò:42 AM: > -+well it said i'm snooty and snivellingÒ:42 AM: > so don't feel so bad :PÒ:42 AM: lzrd: hahaha