August 30th, 2000

grandma ryan

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damn...i had a dream that it was really snowy at my home, and my mom took my car somewhere...but when she got back swhe was in my dad's car and no sign of my car...then she climbed up on the roof by my bedroom window and told me she drove it over our bridge and it was toast...then i said they could buy me the motorcycle i was thinking about getting and my dad was totally against it, even though my mom trashed my car. wierd dream in many aspects-
1. intense snow never happenes at my house, well barely ever.
2. my mom is a pretty good driver as far as accidents and tickets go
3. my dad was in favor of my wanting a motorcycle[eventually], but then when it was logical to get one he wasn't for it.
also...WTF, my mom climbed up on our roof with apparently no way of getting there...maybe she can fly and that's how she survived my car crashing too. hehe ; )