August 26th, 2000

grandma ryan

Ralph Nader for President (

Ok, i went to a rally for Ralph Nader tonight, just out of curiousity, and he turns out to be American Badass[ok, sorry, bad reference] #1. He won my vote. He is real, he is anti big business campaign contributions, and he is a real person, with cares that are about real people. It sounds cheesy, but he really is a badass. He took on GM back in the day and got them to change policy and design as well as getting the gov't to pass car safety laws requiring safety features such as seatbelts.
The impacts of his campaign even affecting the elections are enormous, meaning more for real human interest than any other possible invasion into mainstream politics. This is the man that will effect change, and he is the only person, along with his party that cares enough to do so. His running mate was amazing, she was a convincing speaker who has done multitudes of social work and activism for real people. Anyways, look for more information for yourselves. Only you can decide, but I hope you care enough to actively decide, otherwise, who are you letting rule you? Certainly not YOU.
Anyhow, I figure since the other two candidates are only fighting about crap which means shit to them [and thay've shown it], the man who is the most honest, straightforward, and common sense deserves my vote. Unfortunately, neither of the major party candidates fit any of these requirements. If you are interested, go here, read and then VOTE, but vote your conscience, not out of fear.
grandma ryan

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ok, i'm falling dead asleep. oh, i saw the big lebowski tonight. finally :)...but at least i saw it, cuz timing don't matta to jesus. ; )