August 19th, 2000

grandma ryan

(no subject)

ooohhhhh...Pat b rought something to my attention when i mentioned my art party, and my disappointment with not any response to it. he said he thought it was all about going to buy art supplies and such silliness...


this would only be the start of the party. [obviously in order to do art you need supplies, and what, you think i would go buy everything? no, part of it would be going and being inspired by random junk and supplies]

the MAIN and more interresting part would be actually going somewhere to do art. write, sing, play music, paint, draw, sculpt, WHATEVER YOU WOULD WANT TO would be totally up to you. but you would do it with your friends...ok, well, i guess how this is lookign now, you would do it with just me. BAH. well, it isn't gonna happen any time soon since no one responded anyhow. so, hey! look, i guess this is my stupid idea. that's ok, i take full ownership of it. well, if this cleared things up for people...and now you find it intriguing. tell me. otherwise, just ignore me like before, i'll take the hint and look elsewhere for my party-goers. : )