August 7th, 2000

grandma ryan

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i had a great evening with reg, pat, evan and ali. talked for a bit to quan about school and such. i'm tired and lazy so i'm sure you could get a complete account by looking at either reg's, pat's, or evan's journals. i'm going to bed however...and oh man...i just saw the episode of happy days they made fun of in the second south park episode about cartman's preaching and satan's love life, and i am sadly to report that fonzie actually DIDN'T get eaten by the shark in the original happy days episode. awwww. everyone cry... :.. /
grandma ryan

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an interesting clue to whom this mara person might be. maybe i should go kick kerry's ass when i am back in Portland for school. I bet this would give mara something exciting in her life. I really feel quite sorry for her. Is this "informative" enough for you mara?
grandma ryan


OK, so I tried to check the size of my directory at school a while ago. To no avail. Heh. So I just got this email from our computer user services dept at school. hehe.

Hi Ryan,

I'm writing to let you know that the shared disk that hold's everyone Unix home directories and web
pages is full and causing problems for many people using the machine.

Your web pages, while very nicely done (!), are taking up *WAY* too much room on the server. The
primary offenders are the photos and images. You have lots and lots of them, and some of them are very
large files (500K or more).

Could you please take some time soon to try to reduce the amount of stuff in your directory? We
presently ask that students keep no more than 5-10 megs on the shared unix space. Your html directory is
currently 218 megs.

All Reed computer users will be grateful, and good karma will be showered upon you.