July 27th, 2000

grandma ryan

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this is a set of lines from last night, which me and Pat decided should be a new livejournal slogan:

Ryan: "People with problems are usually more interesting."
Pat:"Let's go look at LiveJournal!"
grandma ryan

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well, goin to bed. time for sleep. fairly uneventful evening. tv-survivor is horribly hokey. [shakes his head and sighs] it would be better if they actually just made them all stay on the island until they gave up and begged to go home. then the last one standing would be the winner...kind of like that movie about the prison where they just stranded the criminals on a deserted island and they ended up killing each other off. that was an interesting concept movie. then i messed with my computer, read livejournal. tried to write a bit and then talked to people for a few. time to sleep though now...g'night people. : )
grandma ryan

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went to talk to the people whose mailbox i hit today, she was nice, told me all about her troubles and said i didn't really need to do anything but i asked how much the materials cost because after all I Did hit the thing. It's the Least I could do. She didn't know how much the pole cost, but she is going to ask her son, and I will talk to her next week. Anyhow, I'm tired now...I'm going to try to take a nap.
grandma ryan

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mmm. nap was god, but interrupted by an invitation to dinner with no food for me. although i ended up having a decent amount. good times. considering my options: 1)go back to sleep. 2)work on my book 3)study greek. 4)answer a couple emails...i think maybe option 4 and then option 3 until i get tired of that or feel overcooked. then maybe 2 then 1. whatevah. at least that can be my superproductive plan.
grandma ryan

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Whenever the lives of saints turn to passing.

This was only sensation at the last minute.
When love walked in the door, the door moved
thousands of miles away meant You
were there only ten minutes left?

This waited forever to begin.
Roads were not long enough when they needed to be.
Paths became too short, while mountains
slothingly and angrily dis-distinguishing creeped into each other.

This gave us nothing to live for but this.
Once tasted, once forever gave us too many things
to think about what W-A-N-T-E-D means
are for arriving at any kind of decision or incision.

This is killing me and You
only too many times could be scraped from bone walls
muscle chambers
and the insides of my liver cannot take much more.
This is ridiculous.
What this, does it make the world fall on its side and pass judgement?
This this is too too much, and trying
leaves only fall
and trees never