July 20th, 2000

grandma ryan

(no subject)

my back sucks. heal back, heal. I think I'm going to head to an open mic in seattle tonight. If anyone wants to come hang out, that'd be awesome. It's at the Pearl on the ave. south of 45th. it starts some time between 8 and 9 supposedly and the crowd varies. but i haven't been here befoore so i can't say what kind of things people will be reading. but hopefully it will be cool...seattle has some good writers. anyhow, i'll most likely read, and it'd be fun to see people, even if it's just after...food maybe? respond here or on my cell phone. 425-503-0455 i'm assuming total strangers aren't wierd enough to use this, and also don't care since i never keep it on. leave a message if the phone is more handy, i'll check it later.