May 29th, 2000

grandma ryan

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ok, i'm a bit wierded out. a few years ago[i don't know exactly when] a scar appeared on the right side of my jaw. i had no idea where it came from and ended up deducing it came from a cat scratch. tonight i looked in the mirror and found FOUR new scars, which i had never seen before, and have no way of accounting for. They all have the same general characterisitics of the first one, except they are different lengths and are around my right eye in various directions. WHAT DO I MAKE OF THIS INSANITY!?!?!? : (

this is the original scar.

these are the three on the side of my eye, and as you can see on my eyelid.

this one runs up my cheekbone.

ok, so maybe this is a bit obsessive, but if you had scars appear on your face with no reason wouldn't you be a bit freaked out? damn, i really have no idea what to think. : /