May 5th, 2000

grandma ryan

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hmm, today has been a nice/funny e-mail back from jessica, after i requested she send me a friend of ours' email address, unfortunately it didn't work : / i won't be able to visit him when i go on my road trip...then had some interesting talks on irc...avoided work for quite a few hours, went to Hawthorne with megan, rachel and, i never get to hang out with those guys as much as i would like to...have gotten to spend more time with rachel over the past 2 days, that's been cool. got back, wasted a bunch more time, ah, went to sunny's birthday party that she told me about this morning, that was alright, i drove though so i had fun but didn't really drink...[shrug] had some fun anyhow :) getting sad that school is getting over, hearing about people leaving. brent is leaving in less than a week : / i'll miss him...especially if he doesn't come back to reed...but maybe i'll see him this summer, who knows...we're trying to work that out...also was thinking about how to take music with me...both so i can use my car speakers and so i can take enough for a month that i will be satisfied with my selection and not find myself desiring something erroneous...i'm thinking a combination of maybe a 36-48 cd case and a few cds full of mp3s that i could play on my family's laptop that i'm planning on bringing. i think i have a lot of the little kinks worked out. money shouldn't be a problem, i have enough saved for almost any emergency...and i have a bookmark of a chain of hostels i could get a membership or whatever for and then stay in those when i don't have another place...which will greatly cut costs...or heck, i could find a quiet place and sleep in my car at some points if i really needed to! anyhow, got distracted thikning about my camera and looking at other things...time to go to bed :) night!
grandma ryan

(no subject) i've been a complete slacker today...i got up about 10, then proceeded to mess about on hotline for quite a while, falling asleep again...heh, this is where the strange part comes i fell asleep listening to mp3s on random...and they messed up my dreams...whoa...ok so:

so i dreampt school was over or something, maybe it was a demented renn fayre, anyhow, i remember my dormies all at this big field, forest area...we all went off, there were other people from school lots of people are at this place...there is a big resort...houses and such also...the ordering of all the events is scattered for most of it but i'll give it a first i can remember after we were there is me and brent playing this wierd tennis on some marsh...where we had to get the balls to hit on this small table while we were on platforms some distance away and hit it to each other...then we left because some people took our "table" and somehow i found my dormies again at this house and told them we all had to remember to go to a party[that was only for us] at a house that Kelly Leber[where the hell did she come from in this dream[shrug]] was watching...and there was some girl there that looked like kelly and i was telling her that she reminded me of kelly...anyhow. so we split up and we're at the house right, and i leave and am out on a motorcycle or something like that, and i'm driving around and miss the turn so i turn around and i wait on the sidewalk for the cars to go by so i can try to get the turn again...i make it and end up in this field near the house and i hide in some guys pocket because i want to look at his digital camera...then his cell phone goes off and he notices me and says i'm so cute for doing that or something, and i get out and sit next to him in the folding chairs they are in watching some show...or game or something...then Liz and some other people i know run by in wonder woman outfits and i get up to follow them and try to get their attention...i do and then something else happens...oh maybe i mixed up where the meeting of me telling my dormies about the party was...anyhow, so now i guess i'm at the house...and i go downstairs and there is this gas station/shop and i am running it apparently...and this guy in an old truck comes along and is changing his oil, and he has a huge garbage can full of oil, and i tell him to be careful not to spill and he says something like, "oh, like this?" and splashes it EVERYwhere...all over his truck and on this skinnier guy who is with himj and all over the ground...and i'm pretty mad and tell him and his pal that they have to clean it up...the skinnier guy gets mad and i yell at him and the other guy gets mad at him becuse he didn't listen to me...i ndon't know why all of a sudden he wants to listen to me but he does...ok this is when the mp3s start messing with me...he says, in the voice of the baron harconen "You, will die before these eyes, and he'll know, he'll know! That it is I blah blah some other name than Vladimir Harconen that encompasses his doom!" and then I in my dream realize that this IS straight from Dune, and take the guy by the collar and tell him, sheesh, that is SOOOO Dune, thet's too Dune even for me, [and at this point it became somehow part of it that David Lynch was directing this scene[shrug]]...and the bigger guy turned into this strange golden metal face with hands sticking straight out under and to the sides of his chin...and he grabs the smaller guy and holds him as he grows and spikes[also gold] start sticking out behond the gold guy, and his fingers start pistoning and the only thing holding the skinnier guy from flying into the spikes is the knuckles which have stayed there, but are gold knobs...and I knoww that at any minute they will move and the guy will be stabbed...meanwhile it is making awful pistoning noises and getting faster and worse and more frightening...and then, there are cats everywhere and the skinny guy has turned into a cat, but i still know it's the guy and i'm extremely frightened by this point and trying to see and see that he is ok...the face is huge and the cat is the sizer of a man at this point and i can't see because cats are blocking my view, then i decide i need to go, becuase it looks as though he is about to kill the cat, and i back out the door, and the hall is blocked off so i have to climb over the banister to the next part of the hall over these spikes and things...and there is a small cat looking very scared, and i motion to it and tell it to come...and another cat follows...they get to a chair blocking the stairs we want o go up to get out and they are on the chair and they say to me as i hear kids yelling and sounding like they really are doing this, "they're killing the cats!" and i say, "i know" or something like this...and i lift the cats over the chair and then get over and wake up myself because the raucous noise which was acompanying the pistoning action of the face's hands stops, and i wake and i say...oh my, the mp3s, that is what was messing with me...and i find that it was actually from the dune soundtrack had and aphex twin which were messing with me during the last portion of my dream...sheesh that was soooo wierd ...anyways, i'm sure you all wanted to know. so i typed it up for you *g*