Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Sleeping problems continue, despite having gotten to a point where I fell asleep at a reasonable hour. For the past 6 jhours I've been waking up aboug every hour and some for no reason at all, just now I woke righ in the middle of an REM cycle. Hey, I suppose at least I have a dream to tell you all about then, I suppose I shall take this granted time to do so. It was moderately good, or, "not bad" as some people like to call it.

As far back as I can remember, not sure how many cycles this dream spans, since I think much of this continued from one sleep period to another, the first thing I can think of is a sort of race, a trip driving and sailing around the areas of San Francisco, and sailing in the bay, and into Pugeot Sound and whatnot. There was also driving in Seattle, and being extremely hazardous about it[Yes, Liz you were there, but I don't think Miguel was involved.] I was driving extremely out of control, missing lights and backing up in the middle of traffic, backing up through two lights in some cases where I was really out of control. At some point I was at Reed with my sister, and people thought we were dating...that was wierd. The next thing I remember is being chased, or trying to get out of some uderground pipe tunnels in the bottom of a building. I think we parked the car possibly and were trying to get up to the top. By this point Liz was not there, but there were othr people, some from Reed, Kate, and my friend Megan Harrington for example, and some from my old High School, Kevin, James Augustavo and possibly some other people. I finally got up into the hotel[what the building turned out to be] and for some reason it was Reed, but it wasn't Reed looking or being, just that it was school, without classes going on yet. And I was still trying to go up. First I think I got up and went to the cafeteria, which was like a hotel catered event, white tablecloths, maroon napkins, that sort of thing, and then when I think I failed at getting food because it was too late, I went to a game room of sorts, where they didn't really have any good games, but they had a sort of giant pinball with multiple giant flippers at the bottom you had to operate by pressing them really hard with your feet[they were neumatic] and some other really wierd games. They had south park pinball but they closed right before I could play it. So then the guy running the game room treated me like I was a freshman and didn't know what I was doing or how anything worked...he explained things to me and I was just like dude, shut up, leave me alone, I get it. Still hungry, I went to something like Dick's and got burgers, and then sat at the table and argued with people about how Dick's burgers were better than the burgers we were having and then how Ivar's really was better than spuds, even though it is more commercial. The girl I was arguing with seemed to think this was about all food, and so she talked about some other food place not in seattle...i was totally confused. Then the girl I was sitting next to bumped her elbow somehow and got a bruise and the girl next to her thought half a thought and they both thought something and said it at the same time and it joined together into a really odd idea about how she would be remorseful every time she saw the bruise and it would reflect someone in it for some reason or something...heh. As I lef this place [i think] I saw two of my second cousins, adrian and her sister, but i couldn't remember her name, and I'm not sure I even saw her face enough to know, I'm not even sure the girl I saw was Adrian, only I know that is one of those sisters' names. hehe. but they were going to my friend Kevin's house or something, in the hotel. So I went with them to what seemed to be Kevin's mom's place, but it was a bit bigger, and it was a hotel room with a balcony. They knew Kevin well and eventually he went out on the balcony after talking to me and talked to them without wanting me to be out there. I left and went to have a fiasco with the elevators. They had outside parts to them and I was standing outside of the elevator as it went up. It was also crammed packed with people and I was lucky to be out there. I got to the floor I needed and got out and it was Reed type again, but we were doing improv sketches based on things we drew out of hats, and in groups. The groups before us were dumb and not funny, and the groups after didn't pomise to be funny either. I felt like I had to save the event by being extremely comical, and so I figured out a way to be funny even with the lame topic I had gotten, which had something to do with alcohol abuse and cartoons. So i farced it up and did a fake sort of documentary style intorduction and didn't expect help from Kevin or my other partner. Then I woke up, my shpeel was pretty funny, I can't remember it clearly now that I've written and recaled all the rest, but it started out very difficult to tell what I was talking about and then it was about alcohol, and then about cartoons and alcohol. Ahhhh, looking back at my intro to the dream, I unwittingly put a reminder in there. I was speaking about the perils of alchohol in a very meaningless and comical way. "Some people think of alcohol as dangerous and detrimental, and bad, or 'not good' as some people like to call it."At this point I remember I was cracking up Megan Harrington, a friend and exdormie of mien who is quite funny herself and is a new addition to our improv troupe at Reed. I was just about to get into Yosemite Sam, and then if I had gone any longer I would have had Kevin and my other partner act out cartoon scenes, because that's what my awake mind thought of right after i woke, and this was a very conscious trying to be funny dream.

Anyhow, now I'm done...I'm not sure what to do now or if I can go back to sleep. We'll see. : / Not like there's anything else I could do...or...maybe there is if I don't fall asleep. Heh, we'll see. ; )

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