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Tue, Dec. 26th, 2000, 03:23 am
at kim's

ok, so what a way to end christmas day eh?
drank a 40 of mickey's, totally quality, now abel gave me a bud light, i don't know that i've ever had one of these, it's somewhere in between the quality levels i've "enjoyed"...
we watched But I'm a Cheerleader and it was hilarious as usual. what a great movie...i might just have to consider it, sorry babe. ; )
jk...you know it : )
i'll say it. public, ok well i'm a bitt off still, but i love you...it don't even matta if i wants to do no one ; D hehe
love you babe. yay public journal when you're out of limits. hi friends! :D

Tue, Dec. 26th, 2000 10:34 am (UTC)

Oh, you're so cute when you're drunk!

Just kidding.. well, actually I'm not. :D

Love you too, babe. With big sloppy kisses, in the hope that Meg's reading this.