Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Hey everybody! It's christmas time! dun dun dunt!

Heh, Christmas was fun today for the most part. : ) I woke around 11, nice and late, got up and opened presents, I insisted everything was rolls of socks, until the last thing I opened, and guess what it was? Actually, it was individual pairs of nice socks, which I had asked for. My sister seemed pleased with the digital camera we got her. Then we went to my grandparents' house about a half a mile away...gah. they moved there recently...my dad helped put in a mobile home for them and they moved in while i've been gone at school...it's one reason i am not living at home this summer. we were only there for a bit, because we planned on going to my mom's sister's house for christmas day, and so we left after a while and before everyone got to my grandparents'. went to my aunt's and got to hang out with all my cousins on that side of the family and their cousins. We always do a white elephant exchange there, and i almost got stuck with the spam again lke i did 2 years ago, but instead my cousin got this excellent hat and traded me because it didn't fit him : D. check it out---

I also got some m&ms and orange jelly beans...i made out like a bandit! then we ate dinner, pretty good. sat around and talked to my second cousins for a while, or whatever they are in relation to me, i never did remember how that works...talked about reed a bit and joked about different things...it was good since i barely ever see them and they're closer to my age and level than any of my other relatives in some regards. anyhow, so i made out with the hat, and some nice socks, and the hard drive im going to buy in portland since there's no sales tax. heh : ) all in all a good day. especially since i came home to find liz online and got to be histrionic for her! i think i'm going to head out to kim's now...yay! whee : )

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