Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

today i got up around 9:30 and proceeded to shower and go out with my dad and sister to go christmas shopping. it was all somewhat uneventful. [shrug]
i came home and talked to liz for a while, then she went to eat dinner and after a bit when she came back i had to take my sister out to get my dad a present at the last minute since she hadn't thought ahead. came back, ate dinner, talked to liz again until i had to leave for church. church was good, i felt more attuned to it tonight, maybe it was because the music was better. it really makes me appreciate trisha, i hope she gets better soon. : /

---trisha swindall is our church's music director, and at some point within the past couple months she was hit by a drunk driver and has had major surgery and at this point cannot walk. she may never play piano again because of a metal rod in her wrist, and i hope the best for her...she had just been getting over being hit as a pedestrian a bit before this too...---

after church i saw my friend kevin whom i hadn't seen since fall break, and hung with him at his house for a bit, and then he came over here and we chilled for a bit and i showed him some of my paintings and whatnot. now i just need to finish wrapping my fam's presents and then try to fall asleep...i think i should be able to though.
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