Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Jesus' lease

I haven't been posting, then again, I haven't been doing anything interesting, and all my relaxing has made me soft. I'm sleeping way too little but not getting anything done. Some of it probably has to do with hoping I'll be lucky and catch her online and thus being in front of my computer too much, but then I feel like I've been asleep so much of the past few days...maybe it's because I've been awake during night so much. Who knows...I've also felt a bit sideways, like something isn't right, but nothing is really wrong...maybe it's because I don't fee like I'm really at home here, just visiting comfortably, and wishing I were somewhere else. I don't think the holiday thing has really hit me at all. Maybe Jesus' lease on Heaven was only for 2000 years or he got tired of living with his pops and is now kickin it down on earth with as Kevin Smith put it, "fine ass Mary Magdalene".
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