Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Long day.

Well, long two days in one really.

It started yesterday around noon I think. At this point I'm not to sure. I woke to finish my creative writing portfolio and finally finish with all my work. I edited my poems a bit and then when it was evident that I was not going to get the portfolio done in time I emailed the woman I was supposed to turn it in to. she told me to just put it in her or my prof's box if I was going to be later than 4 when she was leaving. Score. That meant I didn't need to kick ass very quickly. Instead I realized that I needed to take the slide projectors I had borrowed back to AV storage and get my drivers liscence back. So I went to the art building and collected all my paintings to bring home. I got the slide projector I left there and then went back to my dorm and helped Alisa load her stuff into my car so we could take it to storage. The power was out down 82nd near Clackamas Mall and so we sat in traffic for about an hour and a half in order to get there and back...if not longer. When we got back I ordered pizza and workeed on my portfolio a bit. The pizza got there and I took it with me up to Liz's room to take a break. We argued over the validity of spinach or mushroom pizza. I won, as usual. ; ) Then I went back to my work and got most of it done until around 11 when liz came by and wanted to know if I was ready to go to the party at some of my friends' house. I gave in even though i had a few more things to finish for my portfolio, and we went, but i was planning on coming back because i was going to drink some with ephraim. He ended up showing up at the party, and we hung out a bit and then Ephraim and Liz and I went back to the dorm. I fell in the mud on the way back, and so Liz and I went into the art building and I cleaned up. Then we went back to the dorm and I almost did work. Then eventually, after talking with Patrick and Kat and Anna I did do my work for an hour and almost totally finished. Then I took Liz to the airport, just a bit too late. I went back to my room and was almost finished with my portfolio when she called and told me she missed her flight and wanted me to go hang out with her until the next flight. I hurried as quickly as I possibly could and turned in my portfolio and got to the gate just after they had boarded the plane. I sat and watched her plane for a while, disappointed that I had not made it in time to at least apologize for having gotten her to the airport late. I sat and watched them load bags onto the plane...seeing mirages of Liz seeing me sitting there...I finally left when they guided the plane out from the gate and it drove off. I realized how late it was and realized Tim would be arriving to drop off Ephraim, Deborah and Kat. I decided there was no reason not to stay and wait to say goodbye to them, so I waited on the skybridge above the departure dropoffs watching cars go by, people get out to go on trips, like Kevin Smith said, the airport is a great place to see people in a raw form. I'm gonnna miss Liz... I then headed back to school, stopping to get some food at Carrows, which was disappointing. I went back to my dorm, realizing I needed to get my sister her sweatshirt for Christmas. I found the coupon the bookstore had given out and bought the sweatshirt. Then I began to pack, and eventually got all my packing done and went and got Laura and then Joel. I was falling asleep and Joel offered to drive and he drove about 2/3 of the way. I finally got home, dead tired, and am still wondering whether Liz got home safely. No word yet. I have been putting off sleeping again now to try to write this. I think sleep might be in the cards. But I don't want to go to sleep without knowing if she's alright. : /

Ah well...like I said, long day[s]...

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