Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

and instead of outlining papers...

I write poems about them, forgetting about that instead.

It couldn't be

The table is on that book
because it wobbles
on its own. We want to
eat our meals on it,
sitting cross-legged at
each corner has a
special signifigance.

If you sit at the table with
he will devour you, the table,
the book will encompass him.
Nothing moves after this
ingestion of I am god.
nothing left the truth aside,
all just pushed it out
out out out so much isn't
what one wants to say.

If garble code jump ship
don't want no more jive insomnia
dance floor gives Green willies on
much too many more sometimes
ignorance freedom incompatability,

we'll never make sense.

So I say I love you,
you say, "Your love is not enough with us,"
and we watch Triton spear us in the heart again,
one more line drawn as the sea washes the shore,
one more bird sings of songbook songs,
meal worms and that
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