Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

ok, so i'm at "work"...

i guess i have time to try and recap what has happened to me and by me and for me, the people want to know i suppose...what has been going on over the past week and a half...

let me try to break it down for you all...
[patience, i may get interrupted in the middle of this recap and have to finish it later...i am working after all...

ok...so the last time i really updated was...thursday...thursday before last...
=a lot of cathching up and memory acquisition to do.

Fri 11/17

OK...so carley called me in the morn, I can't remember exactly when, but tha gurl did...and she came to my dorm room and we chiled a bit...then we went to get food and saw kylie there, sat and talked with her and whatnot, then i had to go work, and carley followed me to vollum where chris showed me what i needed to know for that evening...basically told me to come turn on the mic for the speaker that evening...which i came back in an hour and did...carley following me around the whole time...we also went and loked for the ducky during that span of 2 hours in which i was doing 10 minutes or so of actual work each hour...we ate pirates booty and good fÜd that the pirate brought. later that night i went to dinner with liz and a bunch of her dormies/friends...and we all decided to watch movies, and ended up squishing a bunch of people into my room to watch labyrinth and the dark crystal...i swear that those two movies are the reason i have a dvd player...because they get watched SOO often...after that me and liz and tamara sat around for a bit waiting for meg to get done with work at 12 at the library and then got kate and went over to woodbridge where there was a party going on...we got there too late and they had run out of beer...so we decided to go to the grocery store before they closed and get lemonade and make lynchburgs with my alcohol...so we did that, i got a jawbreaker at the grocery store as well@!! and then we went back to my dorm and i proceeded to treat way too many people to my alcohol...went to bed late, but somewhat early since liz had a rugby game the next day and went to go sleep.

Saturday 11/18

Saturday I woke and went to se liz play rugby like i said I would...it was freezing outside, but i sat on the grass and watched the women's rugby teream play each other, because the other team didn't show up...and for the last game too...bah...talked to meg and tamara while in the sideline...ayva was there briefly also...liz got done with her game, we went to get warmer clothes on before watching the men's scrimmage because their opponent didn't show up either, and also to wait for sandwiches and to drink beer...saw tresan when we came back, talked ot her for a bit, she was there to cheer on tristan...funfun...then later hung out for a while at the rugby drink-up and watched people eat sandwiches...

OH...interrupted it seems

later then. i will continue this.

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