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Wed, Nov. 15th, 2000, 12:43 pm

went to follow around Jim, the AV guy this morning...learned all about how the systems in the different lecture halls and things are set up. i have ultimate AV power now...i will rule this school with my ultimate knowledge!!!!#!@#$#@!!@#! hehe...ok, so maybe not, but i am gonna kick ass at av.

class again til 10 tonight...painting and slides bah, maybe i will get a lot of sleep then. hehe. since i am going to be reading my ass off the rest of the night, i have to lead my hum conference tomorrow and have done not much of the reading for this week yet...ack. not to mention trying to find some source of lecture information since i can't ever go to hum lecture and my prof wants me to talk about it...erg.