Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

heh, went to greek a bit late, suffered through a very long confounding sentence of impromptu translation and then went to the av office to make my presence known. immediately i helped him reduce the ram his OS was using by 25 megs so he could run ProTools and not use all his ram, but i realize that he's gonna need more than 20 megs to actually use protools, since the ram will also be needed for the actual data...heh, he needs more ram, and whther the school realizes it and wants to pay for it is just going to be shit luck, or else his computer will be useless to him as it is and for his purposes...oh well, hopefully he will be able to get them to buy him more ram or his life is going to be an endless struggle to fight his system for more ram...and virtual memory is not a possibility when dealing with audio...you need the ram. ack...heh, i think this job will be good, and i will probably have good access to some of the av equipment...that is if i don't actually have better equipment myself in some cases.

i finally found an ode for my paper, and so i feel very confident in my ability to pull this paper off before tomorrow...it is an intriguing one too which helps, and so i will be able to blather on about it and probably pull off some good paper material. it fights the idea of ode in just the way i found interesting, and i have access to an audio reading of the piece by the poet[Ode to Meaning by Robert Pinsky] and extra insight as to the meaning of the piece and such...i'm a bit excited and wish i had found the poem earlier...i might have actually written the paper already i would've been so excited by what the poem does, even if it wasn't his exercise in writing the poem to fight the tendencies of odes in one of the more difficult senses of what an ode does, calling to something, without it actually becming present by writing the poem...it could be argued as i see it either way, that the poem does or doesn't bring meaning by the end of the poem...or does the poem, in the manner it brings meaning still not really bring the sort of meaning which would make the poem not an ode...this is what i will have to decide as i figure out which side i would like to argue, and which will be more interesting or correct even...i always forget the factor of being "right' when i write papers and go for the more interesting argument even if i know it might be slightly flawed...because, well...who wants to write a boring, predictable paper? ok...maybe it is time to actually work on it...at least start preparing a strategy for tacling the poem...

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