Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

well, last night was fun, went to the library to apply for a job and then talked to kt and the other person working at the desk about various things til it closed...then talked with brian and one of the new cso's about the election crap for a bit...went to the painting building finally and ended up breaking the first pane of glass that was tall and pointed while scraping the paint off of it...oops. did a lot of talking to myself...hehe...listened to the most/least wanted song tape since the cd player part was broken. then i came back here and talked a bit on irc and then took a shower...heh, then i went to bed finally. woke up about 4 and found that the guy who runs the av stuff said he need ssomeone for an av position while i am available and to call on monday. that should be cool, and good job experience. then i went to the art building again to talk to mike, the shop guy, and have him help me with the mounting of my glass and mirrors. he had to go and we weren't sure how to get the cut right for the mirrors, so we decided to finish on monday instead of rushing it and messing it up. came back to my room and decided to get food...talked to jeremy about classes and music, discussed the appeal of the beach boys and how it is interesting that all their music is basically hit pop music, and how it is interesting that they seem to sum up the era of poppy 50s and 60s music with a little more depth. then i went over to the su because i saw megan and peter et al were in there and was wondering if jan was in there with the duck, when i entered Megan saw me and said something like, "wait, you have the duckyball. is it with you?" then her and peter charged me and wanted to wrestle it away from me but i had chocolate milk in my hand so i didn't want to wrestle...i ran back to my room and got there in time, put my milk away and decided it would only be fair if i continued to flaunt the ball and gave them a chance to try and wrestle it away from me...this time megan and peter and meagan's friend and patrick all tried to wrestle me down for it...after like 10 minutes of wrestling they still hadn't gotten it from me and i had stood up multiple times, showing my persistence and unconquerable nature ; ) ...then i was pinned and stretched out all the way since peter had both my legs and then megan took my arm and her friend had my other arm and megan was prying my fingers apart to get the ball...i was still winning but my hand was failing since there were 4 of them trying to get me and were about to break my thumb, and i decided my best plabn was to let megan take it and then keep her close so all i would have to do was keep her around so other people would try to get it from her then. i did this and held on to her until peter tackled her, this made my feet free, and while they held megan i got the ball back from her as planned and got away...then after a good fight i felt i had earned my right to keep the ball and continue flaunting it, and OH did i flaunt it... : D then i went and got ready for teen cthulu and akimbo and other music in the ping pong room...they were glorious, teen cthulu and akimbo were great, as well as the reed bands the bonobo project and oneiroi...it was a night of EVIL... ; D then i went and found jan in the pool hall at the pool hall formal, and talked to him and he said he didnt have the ducky anymore and that someone in his dorm had it for some reason...then i wandered off to my room and found that people were playing soccer on the front lawn...it was dark and they had a big halogen lamp up to see...it was great, i played until it totally died and then came in, talked to laura again who had still forgotten my name...hehe...lush laura. jk...then i came inside and got some water [ soccer is great :) ] and then walked around some more...i didnt feel like smoking with people so i wandered back to the pool hall and watched some of the tournament some more...then i came back here. now im about to go to bed...phew, a long last 26 hours or so...time for sleep. : )

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