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Fri, Nov. 10th, 2000, 12:30 am

my dorm had dinner with cdc reeve tonight. if you've read Plato's republic you might find it interesting to know that he is the most recent and only living philosophical plato translator. he also has a huge reputation for being a womanizer and a jerk. heh, i'm not sure how i have swayed after seeing him in person and talking to him...however, dinner was good, my dormies made some excellent food, and i helped outin preperation of the table and with cleanup. discussed plans for renn fayre with patrick...also had some interesting discussion of thought and time with our freshmen while cleaning dishes. well, i am about to go to the painting building to look at my glass pieces, i think i will take my camera and take progress pictures...

OH-the Guy Fawkes day pictures are up...

so, now i am off, first to the library where i may apply for a graveyard shift possibility in the future working at the reserve desk, and then go to the art building. also: the art building is going to be renovated and expanded starting in february and should be done by fall !! I'm excited : )