Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

well, my glass cutting experience wasn't especially good, i cut myself twice[only, thank god] and a lot of the cuts i tried to make didn't come out right, and the glass broke in the wrong places. i came back around 11, done with painting, somewhat happy despite some disappointment, and sat with my dormies for a while. then i went with tim to jenn's floor and learned how to play bridge[most of the way]. that was fun, anna also came and learned because we lost niko[no loss atall] and needed another player. kat was not home, she was in hans' room.[gasp] heh...but we played a few hands of bridge, quite a fun game, i'm glad i've learned how to play, even if i didn't learn everything since the scoring is a whole other story. anyways...should probably read now but i think i'm going to play some solitaire. maybe find a bridge game on the internet and hone my skills.

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