Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

arr...there turned out to be no showing, or else we had the wrong night is my guess. oh well, we got dressed up like rocky horrow characters and went, then disappointed we traipsed through the library anyhow. fun : ) megan was amused and a bit shocked, i'm not sure why after she lived with me and has known me for such a while. hanging with kat and anna was fun though. kat and I were a pair of dashing Magentas[french maids] and anna played janet, although as kat put it, anna probably would have been more in character as magenta, and her as janet, but oh well : ) pictures are 1. here[kat and i] and 2. here[kat and anna] plus, lindsey saw us as we were going back to their room to change back into normal clothes and they to ready for bed, and said i was the sexiest of all three of us. hehe...she's so sweet. *g*

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