Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

tonight/today was wonderful. I woke at around 1 and decided that because a) I hadn't done the work, b) I was tired, and c) It was my birthday, that i wasn't going to class. So i skipped Greek, and instead went and put up coffeehaus posters, knowing that my actions would be visible from the classroom my greek class meets in. and yes, one of the peopl in my class saw me walking around outside : ) I then proceeded to return to my room, whereupon i played games, then i went to the bookstore and bought both a textbook i needed and a book of poetry by this guy jeff mcdaniels who is reading tomorrow night [thur]. i came back and then went to dinner where i sat with my old dorm mom[HA] and some other of her friends that i know, and am somewhat friends with. that was fun, kristin is a cool girl, and maria[ex-HA] is always fun to talk to. after this i went and sat with my dormies and talked to them and observed amusement such as anne dropping an onion piece in pat's soda and other such ridiculousness. i then went to find someone who was 21, or had an id and found jenny, whom willingly went with me to procure whiskey and citron to make lynchburg lemonades tonight. of which i had about 4[double shot drinks] and treated all my dormies in celebration. we ate cake and drank and scooped out a pumpkin and had great fun and humorous discourse. my lynchburg lemonades were pleasing to me, the first i have had of my favorite drink since i first had them, and i think this was possibly the best most sincere birthday i think i've had ever. thank you to all of you who wished my happy birthday, and even though my schoolmates wont see this mostly, i love my school. : D
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