Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Went to food with ephraim after class earlier today and saw julie there. i hadn't seen her since near the beginning of the school year, and so we sat and talked for a while until her dance class started. it sure is good to talk to her again. i like julie, she's a great person. : )

then i came to my room, played around a bit, napped for a little while and then went to my crwr class. did that, went to the open mic at cafe lena for a bit so i could read and announce my open mic. i think maybe alice will come, and jeff mcdaniel, who is reading on thursday, maybe as well...if so it will be a great coffeehaus, because both of them are ridiculous performers ; D i worked on my penis costume again, the helmet is looking good, i just need to do a bit more wire molding, and then check the shutoff switch and balloon mechanism and then put the fabric on. then spraypaint is easy. : ) also, thanks for birthday wishes to those who sent them...i am not sure how i am going to celebrate...who knows, maybe something crazy will happen [shrug]

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