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Thu, Oct. 19th, 2000, 11:52 pm

arrived at school and set up my record player...it's still a bit staticky, but it will do for now, i've done so much rearranging i'm tired of playing with things...especially the exasperating nature of trying to ground a record player. listened to the rare 10,000 maniacs version of peace train, maybe i will mp3ize it for everyone out there who doesn't have the luck of having the record in original form. it's nice to have my records, i think i'm gonna be on a vinyl kick for a while. OH. what happened today-

i went to "rockstarbob"'s spanish class and then when she was done teaching her, her boyfriend and i went to eat at this thai place on the ave, whereupon i asserted my manliness by eating spiciness level 4, and proceeded to go stand on the corner demanding not a dime, but twenty-five cents for my services. after food, which lostone was generous enough to treat me to[thank you! : D ] we went to wizards of the coast and played pinball and some airhockey. fun : ) then we parted ways since i needed to get going so i would get back here not too late, and i walked back to kim's where i had ganked a spot in the driveway ;) and i saw kim, morgan and carley walking to subway for food, i "snuck up" on them and hung for a bit, until kim made me leave because she knew i would just hang out forever if she didn't. hehe thanks : ) ...so then i drove home, got my records and player etc, and drove here. word. time to start thinking about what i will be doing for the next 3 days of all the things i have to do. oh, something to add to my to do list, and something to remove most likely:add greek translation; subtract building shelving. argh...so much to do and so little time.