Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Thanks for the toothpick.

well, i havent updated anything since monday, guess i should do some kind of an overview.

tuesday i went to lunch with danny, adam, bill and faith at mama's. food was excellent, much speak of porn, crack and driving in circles.
after i dropped the aventail crew off back at work i cruised over to kim's to hang with her for a while. we took the weasal to the vet in woodinville, and then came back, much amusement, and oh, i finally got kim her birthday present-a bag of mcdonald's playland cookies. :D
then we got back to her house and i called to see what laura was up to, but she had left for work already so i dragged kim to dinner at laura's work, the snappy dragon on 89th and roosevelt. we had uberhot tofu and sauce and a < speedy demon voice >Quart Of Rice!< /speedy demon voice > After dinner we drove back to Kim's, discussed my plans with her for employment this next semester and also employment and living location over next summer...since i need to get a job down in portland starting early next year i need to consider these things pretty soon. hung out at kim's for a while, called my friend Kevin and made plans to hang out with him wed. watched the simpsons and friends with kim's house and took a piece of mail which was delivered to the wrong house next door to susan. talked to her for a bit, learned she is planning on moving to LA. went back to kim's and dawdled a bit more then went home.

First I went to the DMV and got my liscence renewed. the number ticker has become more hilarious by having an added voice which pronounces the numbers and says that the number is being served in a Supercalm voice...i was pretending it was a motivational tape and talking about how great life is while i was waiting to amuse myself. then i had a little time before i was supposed to meet pat to drive to lunch with carley, so i went to goodwill on northup way and bought a few records...i got another bill cosby record, a dylan thomas record of some sort, but it should be cool, and also some other stuff i can't recall at the moment. then i went and met pat in eastgate and followed him to woodinville red robin. [i find myself in woodinville again] we eat have a great time and carley [waves his pointer finger at you], "I got it." and I will take you for a ride on my Harley when I get it eventually. ; D [smirk] After a great lunch with pat and carley : ) I drove to the U district to hang out with Kevin. we hung out in his room and he showed me the gas powered remote control car he wants to get that goes over 50mph[woo@! fast@!] we talked about things, what's been goin on with life et al... i told him he should come to renn fayre this year ; ) and showed him what really fast techno is because he was complaining about how his roomate listened to this "fast" techno which was seemingly a slow trance...maybe there's a technical term for it but i dont know it :P but i showed him some dune and some gabber. hehe...helped him with some calculus which i basically had to decide what was going on by intuition because i hadn't done it in so long...hehe...and then he had to take off, and my car was blocked in...somewhat...so we very carefully backed my car out...seriously was the tightest thing ever...like screwing in the back of a volkswagen...and i got out and we both drove off. i tried to get a hold of laura but no one was home, so i went to chill somewhere for a while, figuring kim's was a decent place i knew i was welcome...although only morgan was home from what i could tell and he was asleep on the couch...hehe, so i didn't stay, but i still stayed in my car, and talked to noops who was sitting on the porch. i fell asleep for about half an hour and then tried laura again. she was home that time and i went over and hung out and watched red dwarf with karen neese and steven[don't know his last name] who were also up in seattle from reed, but they were just visiting laura and some other reedie possibly. we watched some pretty hilarious episodes of red dwarf, including the wax war and the first one. i think that was all i got to stay for when i had to leave to go meet my family for dinner. we went to some extremely fancy place, and i suppose that is nice and part of it being my birthday dinner, but i still feel somewhat awkward in those kinds of places, although i don't deny that a quality dining experience is definitely something to experience. we had calamari for an appetizer and i had swordfish for my main dish, it was god, but my soup and salad filled me up and i just barely got to almost finishing my dinner. all said and done, we left and i took my sister home in my car. i've really grown close to my sister over the past couple years. i don't think it's because i've changed, but rather that she has really grown up. i'm really proud of her and how she has become more mature while still holding on to her childish love of play. it's really nice to see actually.
so today was a very full day as you can see...i've returned, realized i still have more than 3 crates of vinyl i want to have with me, so be it...i will have to get another crate, and one of the things i have to do either tomorrow upon my return to school or soon thereafter is buy wood and nails and build a shelf system of some sort to hold my printer, turntable and to contain my records in some fashion, which probably means providing room on the floor under the first shelf.

other things to do: finish Utopia, write my poetry paper, email my HUM prof about my paper topic bound to cover Utopia and The Prince, critique the poems submitted for my poetry class, prepare propaganda to adverise Coffehaus next friday, mail my check to the state of oregon : P, AND see Brian if at all possible.


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