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Sun, Oct. 15th, 2000, 11:49 pm

hehe...i'm going to be at UW tomorrow for a class. funfun. [smirk] 11:30-12:20...maybe i should brush up on my spanish in case i get called on or someone tries to nail me with atennis ball...probably will try to go to lunch afterward...if my friend is too busy for such nonsense with undergraduate students i'll just have to go to kim's and see if she's actually gotten up for class or whatnot. hehe...i think i'll take "my" cell phone and see what people are up to also since i'll be in the middle of hubub central. : ) whee UW people.

Mon, Oct. 16th, 2000 07:48 am (UTC)
rockstarbob: yahoo!

ryan at UW. heheheh.

lemme know if you wanna get together.

or if you just want me to hit you with tennis paraphernalia.


Mon, Oct. 16th, 2000 09:00 am (UTC)
holyloki: Re: yahoo!

lunch after your class sound good? that's what i was thinkin.
[raises eyebrows]
[has hands ready to block tennis paraphanelia]