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Thu, Oct. 12th, 2000, 03:34 am

i'm in a good mood tonight. the night has just gone well. I got my lenscap from Nikon, then got food and hung out and talked to rick for a while outside of commons, then went to soccer and played really hard and had fun, and then went to painting and litented to critiques. i really like my painting the way it turned out so far, even despite it's incredibly goofy concept. then i left painting a bit early and came back and got food to tide me over for the evening before commons closed, eating while sitting in alisa's most comfortable afghan covered chair. then i retreated to my room where amanda was online and talked to her for a while about various things, spelling and both of our current ventures. i let myself play around and play games for a while, may even contimue on that path for a bit before i finish reading utopia and try to get to some greek. i think i may just not go to sleep tonight...oh fuck, nope, i have to lead my poetry class tomorrow. ack, i almost forgot about that. i think that is the first item on my list. i mean i probably could lead class without really doing a ton of preparation since i generally do a lot of leading just being in class anyhow, but i think i should have some things thought out to begin conference with anyhow. i mean, i didn't prepare extensively for leading my hum conference and did really well, i mean i had compliments on how well i led conference, but still. maybe i should do work now, but i still have a headache...liz gave me a short massage and that helped for a while but now it's back...ack. : /