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Wed, Oct. 11th, 2000, 02:03 am

went to tresan's floor and hung our with her people for a bit after my crwr class and shared the scrounged cupcakes from maisey's birthday[girl in my class]...then i walked with tresan to the library and continued on my way to the art building...i'm almost done with my "hipy-oda" painting and all i need to do is add some accents. then i came back and brought the paper i was asked to print a draft of to it's requestor, Elana and talked to her for a bit. she's a cool person, and i'm glad i felt comfortable asking her some things i had needed to ask someone, since she was probably the best person to ask. anyhow. yaya criptic-osity! hehe...i think i will play a video game to clear my mind for a bit and then try to do work. i think playing games i have no value for is better than sitting around watching my computer screen for messages and doing other worthless things on it. at least this way i get all laziness and worthless activity tendencies out quicker...maybe at least...or maybe just last year when i used this technique i just had less work to worry about and so it really was just ok to waste that much time. heh. ; )