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Tue, Oct. 10th, 2000, 04:38 pm

i slept through two classes today...damnit i suck. i woke up around 8:45, my alarm having been going off for about 25 minutes, went back to sleep and woke again a couple times...then i woke about 50 minutes into my Hum class, and decided against going so late...then wrote an intro paragraph for my poetry paper to hand in as a stand in for the complete paper and fell asleep again, waking after my greek class had started because my alarm didn't go off at 1 like i set it for....grr...but i made it to my poetry class...thank god. plus i like that class most of the time so i wouldnt like to miss it, plus then i'd be screwed if i didn't turn in a paper sub at least. ah well...think im gonna get food soon