Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

just watched the man who fell to earth and realized that alas, even though I thought that I wouldn't have to shave my eyebrows for this costume, it appears I would. I'm not sure if I should go through with it now or not. Not only would I have to do that to be accurate, but I would have to build this outrageous body suit of 1. a metal water tank, 2. a water tube system to "keep my body moist" and 3. a chestplate type thing which would stand out from my chest and be fronted by clear plastic, tubing and some sort of framework. i think this costume is a bit overload. i'm rethinking and i think i will call and cancel my eye appointment. plus then i can save the money it would cost me to get the contacts. [shrug] ah well...i'll have to come up with something else.
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