Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

"The Little Baby Jesus Wants Your Soul"

i just had a really wierd and frightening dream : / not only was there this wierd freaking out because it was "the apocalypse" but i was a girl at one point and i killed this really sweet boy who liked me and told me. and there were these vines growing outside that house and we were talking about then and i turned back to them and there was a rabbit tied to them and it had an axe and was trying to cut itself free. it was amusing and i wished i had a camera because it was one of those great classic humorous photos. damnit it was a really wierd dream i wish i could remember more of it in detail to link it together. well writing it down will help to keep it somewhat linked in memory, and i can keep thinking about it and work on that. it was messed up. the vines were the thing that happened right before the murder so they are pretty vivid, and the murder was vivid and ridiculous and wow what a gruesome and loaded set of images and rationalizations. the boy said some things we all wish we had never said about anyone. the scary thing is that i have said them or thought them about people whom on learning more i think they would have "killed" me if i'd said anything. guess that's a lesson for us all...those "perfect" ones aren't ever so perfect as we thought. god and it was a brutal kill too...somehow the girl pulled out a knife after he said he liked her[i cant remember if he said he liked her or loved her][i also cant quite tell if i was the girl, was watching her, or was both]and she slashed him across the face and chest a couple times. then someone knocked on the door so she dragged him to the stove which was cooking something and tried to burn away the evidence of the slashes and make it look like he somehow landed there and that's how he died. i dont know, it doesn't make sense, but somehow it did to her. the rest of the dream was interesting too i wish i could remember more...we were playing some sort of net[net not internet] game like volleyball but it was like you had to get it over without it geting blocked and then again the other way, so it was more like keepaway in some regards...and then we were eating before like 8:00pm when the apocalypse was supposed to happen, strangely enough not midnight or some other more typical time. this guy who was the "campus minister" at my HS marked some religious protection on my forehead before it all happened but it was wierd because it was all ridiculous blabber and stupid almost tv religion and superstition instead of anything really i would expect to be powerful. then when it hit 8 everyone ran inside to get food...like, this had something to do with the end of the world. i couldn't get to the food so i just sort of wandered upstairs and got on my computer[ah this is coming back to me]. so i got on and was on irc and there was some sort of graphical version of this...don't ask me, it's wierd. and amanda, and brad[uh ok i dont even know him really] and hmm who else...other people were on this "irc" channel and no one was talking. then i was in a lab with a whole line of computers and there were signs about how if you were a student and didn't already have your own internet access they could get it for you for free, and then this place was also some sort of thrift shop where two girls i was supposed to know were working for the guy running it, but it didn't seem like they were getting paid for it for some reason, and they offered to stay later and i said they really shouldn't have to, but one of the girls reassured me it was ok...then they looked through records in the thrift store and they were all christmas records with santa on the cover and had Really cheesy names i can't even remember but could probably make up...no point in that though.[hah one of the things i came up with is scary when thinking of what i'd make up. "The Little Baby Jesus Wants Your Soul"] haha.... : D And I think I'll end on that note... ; )

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