Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

As to the inquiries of a few, this will be an explanation of the phenomenons known as "ODB Bugs".

ODB Bugs are disgusting looking creatures with Huge back legs and a centiped/spider-like quality to their composition which frightens even the male counterparts of the human species. They have been known to subsist on cigarettes, coffee and beer, and live in dark dank places like the bathrooms of ODB, otherwise known as Old Dorm Block. These insects, or robots may have you, can also be found in any room of the Old Dorm Block on common occasion. They are believed to be poisonous, as there is rumor that when once fed to a pet tarantula, the tarantula died within a couple dyas of having ingested them. ODB Bugs are unclassified and thought to inhabit only the radioactive halls of ODB. They are rumored to have been products of the Reed Nuclear Reactor, which is dangerously open to student use and "experimentation".

Upon observing these bugs more closely, as well as being quite disturbing looking, they have been seen to survive on tobacco, are not aggressive towards each other, and are actually quite avid cleaners of their multitude of asymetrical pairs of legs(they always have more legs on one side than the other). ODB Bugs are, regardless of their cleanliness habits, quite disgusting and disturbing, and are feared in some capacity by all.


Please reply with any further comments or questions if desired.

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