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Wed, Sep. 6th, 2000, 04:39 pm

wierd...i had some anonymous person add me to their friends list and they had some episode with a spider. i wanted to give them the post where heather posted the link to bateman's animation, and i went to her calendar and uh...very strangely guessed when it might have been and i picked exactly the right day on the first try...[scary]

Thu, Sep. 7th, 2000 05:49 pm (UTC)
black_siren: I can take you off if you want me to


I saw your post. Yeah, I LMAO at the spider thing. Scott Bateman's T-Bone from the Wax, right?

Anyway, I just add people to my list if I think they're journals might be interesting to look at. It saves time on searching them out.

Thu, Sep. 7th, 2000 07:17 pm (UTC)
holyloki: Re: I can take you off if you want me to

no, i didn't mind you adding me, in fact it was quite neat. i just mentioned it because of the picking the exact day on heather's calendar however :) it was just to fill out the story, not that you adding me was bad in any way whatsoever. :)