Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

ok, i wasted today. well, not completely, i got some things done as far as technolgy at my house is concerned...i switched all my stuff back over to my computer, where i am now ready to move with down to school, and have all my mail etc...and i fixed up the laptop for my family again, hiding and turning off all my autopasswords etc, and removing all personal stuff. even went through some of my photos with my sister to choose a background photo for the laptop, and installed office 98 on the laptop, since it didn't have it before...have to go buy a USB adapter for the laptop too so it can use the HP printer we have. other than that i basically threw away today...i suppose getting the computer situation done is important though, and something that cannopt be done last minute or in steps like packing can be. [since i'm coming back for bumbershoot, i don't plan on taking everything with me on thursday, only the necessities. may even go ealy with just my computer and school supplies and crash on tabitha's floor, storing my computer and any other valuables in her room or one of my dormies room's who've already moved in[working for o-week], leaving the rest in my car. we'll see. like i told tabitha...i probably won't be ready to leave by wednesday anyhow.

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